About Us

Cupcake Corner


We are the first eatery of its kind in Poland - an authentic American bakery mixed with a lifestyle cafe. What sets us apart is the several generations of experience contained in our recipes and our passion for artisanal baking, which results in a repeatable but at the same time natural, high-quality product. We love to be creative, which is why our menu changes often and is only limited by our imagination and the availability of ingredients. Regardless of their size, our cafes reflect the atmosphere of a small local coffee shop with a friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like you're visiting friends. Our mission is to put a smile on the face of each customer. We bake happiness.

We bake happiness

Every day We inspire smiles
The beginnings

In 2010, a Polish-American group of friends combined their passion and the multi-generational experience of American baking with their experience and passion for business. From the start of Cupcake Corner, we knew that we would not compromise on matters of taste, quality, the freshness of our products and our service. In June 2010, we opened our first location


We have appeared on television and in the pages of culinary, lifestyle and business magazines in Poland. The popularity of Cupcake Corner has also spread beyond our borders. We are proud that The New York Times, The Guardian and even the prestigious Taschen guide have all recommended Cupcake Corner. Every day we also reach out to tens of thousands of our fans through social media.

We bake

like we're in our own kitchen without compromising when it comes to quality

All of our pastries and ice cream are produced every morning by hand from scratch, without using any ready-made intermediates. Our "Stay Fresh" freshness policy guarantees that every Cupcake Corner customer will taste the highest quality, fresh product in unique flavors. That's why our coffee is delivered to our bakeries just two days after being roasted and we even make our ice cream cones ourselves.


Our wonderful homemade recipes are the foundation of the success of Cupcake Corner. Tons of flour, thousands of eggs, pounds of butter and chocolate, thousands of hours of work and the resulting hundreds of thousands of cupcakes have all led to invaluable experience. We've probably already made all the mistakes that could be made, which is why we feel like true cupcake experts.


a part of the Cupcake Corner vision