Caramel Apple is back!

September 23, 2014

How do you celebrate the first day of fall? By sharing the best of its fruits with your loved ones, of course! We love to bake, and seasonal cupcakes are a unique pleasure for us. They fit in perfectly with the rest of the bunch. In the summer we have the smell of fresh strawberries, in the winter there's warm ginger, and autumn means our Caramel Apple, made from fruity and moist cinnamon cake.


What more can we say about the makeup of Caramel Apple? It's pure sweetness, full of seasonal flavors. Moist cinnamon-apple cake covered with velvety vanilla cream, decorated with sprinkles made from cinnamon sugar and a creamy caramel sauce, with a bit of sweet fudge on top. The cake, the cream, the toppings - each of the components are made in Cupcake Corner, and more specifically in our kitchen on Bracka, where we bake fresh cupcakes two times a day. From here they go to the other locations, and then into your hands!

Caramel Apple returns as a cupcake of a month. It will be available on wednesday and thursday. We do not know a better way to greet the new season than to enjoy its best flavors. Join us!

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